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Foggy Mountains
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The Team

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After completing a PhD in Neuroscience at Dartmouth College, co-founder and CEO Michael Hopkins built his career as a surgical neurophysiologist in a high stakes environment, relying on real-time decision making to achieve desired outcomes. While on a two-year trip around the world, he independently launched an environmental campaign to reduce litter in public spaces, successfully hosting over 50 clean-up events in 10 countries.  Michael has returned to NYC to create All By 4D, Inc., a company dedicated to making W.I.S.E. products, beginning with a radical new toilet system.


Michael Hopkins

CEO, Lead Scientist



Todd Hansmann

CCO, Lead Designer

As a former architect, cofounder and CCO of All by 4D, Todd Hansmann brings over a decade of experience working on both commercial and residential projects for local NYC, and internationally renowned architecture firms, where he gained extensive experience in design through iteration and systematic thinking, with an understanding and empathy for human needs. Todd also successfully led a design build project for a nonprofit animal hospice to build a shelter for cats with disabilities. 

jenna ii_edited.jpg


Jenna Pollock

Advisor, Electromagnetic Engineer

Dr. Jennifer Della Pollock, “Jenna”, has built her career designing magnetic components for custom power conversion systems for automotive, energy storage and wireless power transfer applications at Tesla Motors, Apple, and Resonant Link.  She earned a Ph.D in electrical engineering from the Thayer School of Engineering in 2008 as a member of the Dartmouth Magnetic Component and Power Electronics Research Group.  She has authored several publications and holds a U.S. patent pertaining to her doctoral work.



Lauren Czaplicki 

Advisor, Environmental Engineer

Dr. Czaplicki earned her PhD at Duke University in NC, where she pioneered a method to leverage biological processes to remediate soil pollution, with a specific focus on harnessing native fungi to clean up creosote (a mixture of toxic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) polluted soils. Lauren is passionate about finding more sustainable ways to mitigate human impacts on the environment and inspiring others to do so. To that end, she founded Science by Design, LLC to help scientists and other technical entrepreneurs design fungal solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. 

Tucker Viemeister

Advisor, Industrial Designer

Named “industrial demigod” by New York Magazine in 2014, we are elated to be working with acclaimed industrial designer, Tucker Viemeister.  While he is most famous for OXO Good Grips kitchen tools conceived at Smart Design, the company he helped found in 1979, Tucker also founded the Lab and Studio Red at Rockwell Group, and was EVP of Razorfish (physical design). He has worked as Director of Special Projects with Ralph Appelbaum Associates and Thinc, and most recently, designed the Shanghai planetarium with Xenerio. 

Xiaocun Lu_2x.jpg


Xiaocun Lu

Advisor, Biomolecular Scientist

Dr. Xiaocun Lu is a Professor in the Department of Chemistry & Biomolecular Science at Clarkson University. Dr. Lu’s previous research was at the interface of polymer chemistry and materials engineering with a focus on the development of smart microcapsules for a variety of applications. Current research projects in the Lu Laboratory focus on mechanoresponsive materials, supramolecular self-assembly, and smart delivery systems for the development of next-generation stimuli-responsive materials with autonomous functions.

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